Starting a business is a fun and exciting time in your life. It gives energy but also requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important things is writing a business plan. Not always the most fun activity for many, but it is very important to give your plans a more concrete shape. You write the business plan for yourself. After all, it will be your business that you are going to start!

The business plan provides insight into the feasibility of your plans. The business plan also provides a good picture of your company to external parties such as banks, other financiers and Bureau Zelfstandigen Fryslân. When writing the plan, there are various (market) parties that can help you. For example, the ´Kamer van Koophandel´, accountancy firms and various consultancy firms.


Here we give a possible layout of your future business plan:

1. Summary

When you write a business plan, in the summary you give a short picture of yourself, your business idea, the market, potential customers and possible competitors. And you describe, of course very important, how you will ensure that it is financially feasible.

2. Who are you and what is your idea?

In addition to an overview of your personal data (contact details and relevant education and work experience), you provide insight into your skills and motivation: why do you want to do business and what need will you meet? What is your idea and why do you think this is a good idea? This part of your plan is the chance to present yourself, you will have to do it often so it is also a great opportunity to make the plans your own and pass them on to other people! Also answer questions like:

  • Are you starting alone or with others?
  • Where do you establish your company?
  • In addition to being an entrepreneur, are you also employed?
  • Do you need permits?
  • What risks should I insure against
3. The market

Researching what is happening in your market environment is perhaps the most difficult part of the business plan. You need to carefully research your target audience, map out your competitors and describe the development of the market. Many entrepreneurs make it easier for themselves by including a SWOT-analysis in their business plan, which also includes the results of their market research. The SWOT-analysis is an overview of opportunities and threats in the market and the strengths and weaknesses of your company. If you are writing a business plan for a company such as catering or a shop, you have to look for a suitable location. Then you would like to know where your customers and competitors are located. With the Kamer van Koophandel’s Location Scan you can gain insight into the number of inhabitants, their origin, the number of competitors, and thus the chances of survival of your company. Handy to substantiate your choice of location. Locatiescan KvK

4. Marketingplan

Of course you want customers to choose your company and not the competitor. In your marketing plan, describe how you plan to find and acquire your customers. And how you respond to what is happening in the market and how you stay ahead of your competitors. The marketing mix is also discussed here: your product or service, place, promotion and the price you ask for it. With this you make your plans concrete and focused on practice.

5. Financial plan

The financial plan helps you gain insight into whether your business idea is feasible. The investment budget lists things that are necessary to make your company a reality. And in the operating budget you make clear what the expected turnover will be and what the costs are to realize this. In short: with your business idea you can recoup the investments you have made and earn the money to give you and your family a sufficient income. In addition, you show the organizations or people who finance your plans that they will get their money back in due course.

6. General Affairs

Here you will find all matters that are important to your company and that have not yet been discussed. Show that you’ve thought about everything. That you have identified possible risks and have sought a solution to minimize them. Consider, for example, that you check whether you can start a home business according to the zoning plan of your place of residence or residential area.

Industry details can be found on the website of the Chamber of Commerce, various banks and company boards. You can download a format or an example for a business plan from the website of the Kamer van Koophandel and various banks.

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