Advice and financial support
for Frisian entrepreneurs

Bureau Zelfstandigen Fryslân (BZF) is there for Frisian entrepreneurs.
For starting entrepreneurs, but also for entrepreneurs who got into financial difficulties.
With expert advice and financial support, we will look for new opportunities for you!


Advice & guidance

Have you always considered starting your own business, but weren’t sure how to go about it?

Financial support

There is the Bbz for temporary financial aid. This is help for the self-employed in the form of benefits or working capital or both.


We give you the opportunity to orientate yourself on another source of income or opportunities to take a different path with your company.

Part-time business

Do you receive a Participation Act benefit and do you see opportunities to earn money as an entrepreneur for a few hours a week?

Debt counseling

Has the income from your company fallen sharply due to the Corona virus or were there already business problems before that?

Quit as an entrepreneur

At some point, you may be thinking of closing your business. There’s a lot to consider. Emotionally, but also financially!

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