Have you always had the idea to start for yourself, but you don’t know how to go about it? Do you have a good idea, which you would like to know if it has a chance? Or are you unable to find a suitable job and wonder if entrepreneurship might be something for you?


If you have a Participatiewet (social assistance) benefit, you may be eligible for a trajectory towards self-employment, the prestart.
This arrangement makes it possible to prepare yourself for starting your own business with the help of a coach. During this process, you will keep your social assistance benefit and will be exempt from employment obligations.

Important in this period is, among other things, writing your business plan and mastering entrepreneurial skills.



    Prior to admission to the guidance process, an intake takes place. This makes an estimate of the success chances of the aspiring entrepreneur. A high debt position can be an obstacle.

    Orientation phase

    In this part of the trajectory, the emphasis is on the development of entrepreneurial skills, the competencies of the future entrepreneur and the development of the business idea.

    Planning phase

    Ideas developed and shaped in the orientation phase are concretized and translated into a business plan, substantiated with financial forecasts.

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