Besluit bijstandsverlening zelfstandigen

There is the Bbz for temporary financial aid. This is help for the self-employed in the form of benefits or working capital or both. Bureau Zelfstandigen Fryslân advises and supports you in the execution of your business. It is important that your company or profession (again) generates sufficient income after the period of assistance. It must be viable. Isn’t it? Then Bureau Zelfstandigen Fryslân can support you in the termination of the company and with guidance to other work. This law has existed since 2004 and has already helped many self-employed people.

Which situation applies to you?

Starting Entrepeneur

You are a starting entrepreneur if you have been known to BZF for less than 2.5 years.

Established entrepreneur

You have been self-employed for at least 1.5 years.

Quit as an entrepreneur

You want to stop your business and need financial help with that.


Change or stop current Bbz?

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